Counties and Cities require the property owners with Stormwater Management facilities to inspect and certify the stormwater infrastructure on their properties.  Essayons provides inspection by licensed professionals to reccomend maintenance and certify stormwater infrastructure.  Essayons' staff has experience in the inspection and certification of thousands of best management practices throughout Maryland. 

Jurisdictions that require certification by the Owner's Engineer:

  • Baltimore County, Maryland
  • Carroll County, Maryland
  • Arlington County, Virginia
  • Stafford County, Virginia
  • Chester County, Virginia


While not every jurisdiction requires the property owner to hire a licensed professional to inspect and certify stormwater infrastructure, an annual inspection can provide the owner with predictable maintenance and budgets.  Essayons can perform annual inspections for you to predict the cost of maintenance for the following years.  Many stormwater repairs appear suddenly, however an annual inspection can predict those repairs and catch them before they become too costly.